BRAVAT Garners Awards at Red Dot 2019

March 29, 2019

The Red Dot Design Award, one of the most recognized design awards in the world, has officially announced its 2019 list of awardees. Bravat’s DIXON and VIENNA, with their advanced and original design and humanistic concept, receive the awards in this year’s Red Dot.


BRAVAT continues to shape itself through consumer knowledge to be able to deliver a more comfortable living experience and humanistic care with its relentless rollouts of eco-friendly, creative, and quality products.




Dixon provides fresh running water when you bend it to create a curve with the tube. Dixon closely resembles a straw but is made of 99.95% copper, with very effective antibacterial properties, wrapped with silicon that can come in various colors. The design minimizes packaging size while maximizing the possibility for different colors to suit your taste. The Dixon’s design ensures that hygiene comes first while encouraging you to define your style.




The Vienna shower system introduces an original solution to shower switch controls. Inspired by the concept of double doors, two mechanical buttons control the water output of the overhead shower and hand shower. Vienna also features a thermostatic dial that you can adjust temperature with just to the right of the buttons.