BRAVAT Wins 4 iF Design Awards in 2019

February 4, 2019

The 2019 iF DESIGN AWARDS has recently announced the award recipients to the public. After an intensive international jury panel of 67 design experts, the selected winners serve as benchmarks in their respective industries.



In this year’s iF awards, BRAVAT takes home a total of 4 awards for the following products: AETHER, JODORE, AORI, and CORDILLERAS.




AETHER Basin Mixer


The AETHER faucet combines a curved glass finish with a streamlined metal faucet body. The ultra-thin edges of the curved glass create a distinctive texture that completes the aesthetic of the faucet. The ergonomic ultra-thin handle is stylish yet is very comfortable to manipulate. The Aether basin faucet is designed to enhance the overall quality of the bathroom with its gentle glass finish and forward slanting lines that is suitable for almost all bathroom styles.




JODORE Ceramic Basin


JODORE is an ultra-thin ceramic basin designed with soaps, cups, and other small items in mind. Wet items as well as temporarily placed towels and clothes are easily placed on the given storage space. The water channel integrated with the storage is designed to drain the excess water into the basin preventing water accumulation. Jodore’s unique nano-coated glaze technology forms an ultra-smooth glaze after high temperature firing making the surface layer smoother and easier to clean.




AORI Basin Mixer


AORI mixers maximize square and round elements to evoke visual enjoyment. The mixer comes with modern lines, an ergonomic design, and an ingenious design which allows it to change its water flow from traditional stream to a rainfall-like spray. The rainfall water flow feels like a thousand water drops massaging your hands. What makes the design stand out more is that it saves water as well. Aori gives you an approachable bathroom experience rather than an industrial product.






CORDILLERAS is an ultra-thin ceramic basin with minimalist geometric shapes with two disks stacked like terraced fields. The superimposed ceramic soap dish design can be used to place soaps, cups, and other small items that easily get wet. A water channel in the top disk acts as a drain to prevent water accumulation. Cordilleras’ unique nano-coated glaze technology forms an ultra-clean glaze layer after high temperature firing that makes the basin surface smoother and easier to clean.





Since its founding in 1953, the iF Design Award is a symbol of outstanding design accomplishments that focuses on the innovative power of design. For 65 years, designers and manufacturers have strove to win the internationally renowned iF label for design. The official ceremony will include some 2,000 invited guests and will be held at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, on 15 March 2019 to honor the award winners.